五月 24

2017 Annual Match Plan

2017 Annual Match Plan





HKPSA Annual Dinner and Prize Presentation

March 2017

Phuket IPSC Handgun Championship 2017

Overseas Match

08-09 April 2017

HKPSA Hong Kong Open Round One

Hong Kong

June 2017


Overseas Match

23 Aug – 03 Sep 2017

World Shoot France

Overseas Match

14-15 Oct 2017

HKPSA Hong Kong Open Round Two

Overseas Match

October 2017

HK International Championship Action Air Level 3

Hong Kong

November 2017

Macau Level 3

Overseas Match

December 2017

Asia Pacific IPSC Handgun Championship

Hong Kong

五月 24

1st IPSC Action Air World Shooting Championship award to HK


1st IPSC Action Air World Shooting Championship awarded to Hong Kong
– Event expected to draw over 600 athletes from IPSC’s 102 member countries –

The Hong Kong Practical Shooting Association (HKPSA) is pleased to announce that the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) has awarded the inaugural IPSC Action Air World Shooting Championship to Hong Kong. This prestigious event will be held from 29 June to 1 July 2018 at the Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre (KITEC).

This is not only an enormous honour for Hong Kong, but it also gives a home court advantage to local shooters, who have excelled in this particular sport for more than a decade. Over the years, Hong Kong shooters have brought home numerous gold medals from various national and regional competitions held throughout Asia and Europe.

Over 600 competitors from IPSC’s 102 member countries are expected to participate in this action-packed event. They will test their shooting skills using airguns that fire harmless plastic BBs at paper and reactive metal targets. Competitors must strive to achieve the optimum balance of speed and accuracy as they attempt to score the most points in the least amount of time for each shooting challenge.

The match will consist of 30 Courses of Fire, with each one testing different shooting skills.

This sport is particularly beneficial to youth, as it teaches them the value of sportsmanship, mental discipline, physical coordination, concentration and a positive attitude – all conducted in a safe, strictly controlled sporting environment. The skills and mental conditioning of IPSC shooting teach the values of fair competition and respect for fellow athletes – benefitting competitors both on and off the field.

Officials from the International Range Officers Association (IROA) will run the competition and supervise all activities, with the full support of local Match Officials selected from Hong Kong.

HKPSA President Ms. Emily Ngan said, “We are truly honoured that the IPSC has chosen Hong Kong to host the world’s first Action Air World Shooting Championship. This major event will bring Hong Kong to the centre stage of the global sport shooting community.”

“Entrusted with the management of such an important international sporting event, the HKPSA is making every effort to ensure all athletes and spectators enjoy the competition – and bring home fond memories of their time in Hong Kong,” she added.

Ms. Ngan concluded, “The proceeds from this not-for-profit event will help us to support the long-term training and development of young shooters in Hong Kong, preparing them to compete and win in the international sporting arena – bringing global recognition to our city and our athletes.”
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About the Hong Kong Practical Shooting Association (HKPSA)
The HKPSA is Hong Kong’s local governing body for the sport of IPSC. It sanctions and organises local competitions, and selects and approves competitors from Hong Kong to take part in any international competitions governed by the rules of IPSC.

About the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC)
The IPSC, founded in 1976, is the leading dynamic shooting organisation in the world. It was established to promote, maintain, improve and advance the sport of IPSC shooting, to safeguard its principles and to regulate its conduct worldwide in order to cultivate the safe, recreational use of firearms by persons of good character. The organization has established more than one hundred active regions (countries) around the world from Argentina to Zimbabwe.


四月 11

2017 HKPSA IPSC Handgun Challenge Stage and Final Results

多謝各位射手,CRO, RO同埋氣槍會的朋友參加 2017 HKPSA IPSC Handgun Challenge.  因為各位會員頂力支持和幫忙,賽事能順利完成。

現附上今次比賽 Stage Result ( Day1 / Day2 ) and Overall Results.

See you at up coming 2017 HK OPEN (October 14-15)



三月 06

2017週年聯歡晚宴 暨 香港公開賽頒獎典禮-相片集

2017年3月4日 HKPSA 週年晚宴相片集

一月 16

2017週年聯歡晚宴 暨 香港公開賽頒獎典禮

2017週年聯歡晚宴 暨 香港公開賽頒獎典禮



日 期  : 2017年3月4日(星期六)

時 間  : 下午七時正開始      

地 點  : 彩晶軒 (尖沙咀加連威老道100號港晶中心3樓)

費 用  : 中式宴會菜每位會員:港幣$300 (不足數額由總會贊助) ,非會員:港幣$380(一經報名,不論到時出席與否,亦須繳付費用)

報名方法 :   請於2017年2月22前與本會委員陳金棠先生聯絡 (電話/WhatsApp:9800 2029或電郵:tongchan1283@gmail.com) 聯歡晚會費用,即場繳付。



義務秘書  何國恩  謹啟


2017 Annual Dinner and Prize Presentation

The Hong Kong Practical Shooting Association will be holding its 2017 Annual Dinner and Prize Presentation –

Date : 4 March 2017 (Saturday)

Venue : V Cuisine Restaurant (2/F, Harbour Crystal Centre,100 Granville Road,Tsim Sha Tsui)

Time : 7:00 p.m.

Fee : $300 (HKPSA Members); $380 (Non-members) to be collected at the


A prize presentation ceremony will also be held that evening for all winners of the 2016 IPSC Hong Kong Open Rounds 1 and 2 and 2016 Overall Championship.

To sign up, please contact Mr CHAN Kam Tong (Mobile / WhatsApp : 9800 2029 or e-mail: tongchan1283@gmail.com) before 22 February 2017.

All HKPSA members and their friends are welcome.  Come join us to catch up with old friends and meet new and old acquaintances as well as fellow shooters from other shooting clubs. We look forward to seeing you!.

HO Kwok Yan



一月 02


Composition of HKPSA Executive Council


President 主席:

Ngan Man Lai, Emily 顏文麗

Vice President 副主席:

Ngan Chun Nam, Wilky 顏振南

Secretary 秘書 :

Ho Kwok Yan, Joseph 何國恩

Treasurer 司庫:

Yu Chung Tong, Larry 余仲堂

ROC Chairperperson 靶場主任委員會主席:

Ho Yin Hang, Eddie 何應衡

Registrar 會員註冊主任:

Lai Hing Wai, Freddy 黎慶偉

Match Co-ordinator 賽事統籌:

Chan Kam Tong 陳金棠

Corporate Member Representative 機構會員代表:

Chu Lap Sing, Ryan 朱立成

 Association Member Representative 副會員代表:

Ng Kwok Wai, Ringo 吳國偉

 Legal Consultant 法律顧問:

Hon Sheung Chi, Kevin 韓尚志

 Consultant 顧問:

Mak Kam Sing, Simon 麥錦誠

Koon Hon Chuen 官漢銓

Cheung Pak Wan 張白雲

十二月 22

香港實用射擊總會 2016 周年大會通告-會員大會議程


日期:           20161230 (星期五)

開會時間:   晚上6時正

地點:           彩晶軒 (請注意更改地點)

地址:           九龍尖沙咀加連威老道100號港晶中心3


1. 通過上次會議紀錄

2. 會長報告                             

3. 本年度財政匯報                    

4. 靶場主任委員會主席報告       

5. 選舉新一届會長

  本會收到一位正式會員Emily Ngan以書面向秘書提出有意参選會長。

6. 其他事項




誠意邀請 閣下出席上述大會。




義務秘書  何國恩  謹啟

2016 12 21

十二月 09

香港實用射擊總會 2016 周年大會通告


日期:           2016年12月30 (星期五)

開會時間:   晚上6時正

地點:           香港射擊發展聯盟

地址:           九龍新蒲崗五芳街嘉榮工業大廈10樓A及B室


  1. 通過上次會議紀錄

  2. 會長報告

  3. 本年度財政匯報

  4. 靶場主任委員會主席報告

  5. 選舉新一届會長

  6. 其他事項


如有任何正式會員 (Full Member) 有意参選會長,需於大會擧行十四日前以書面向秘書提出(電郵:genaff.hkpsa@gmail.com),参選者名單將於12月16日截止。


誠意邀請 閣下出席上述大會。




義務秘書  何國恩  謹啟

2016 12 8

七月 29


Composition of HKPSA Executive Council

President 主席 :

KOON Hon Chuen 官漢銓

Vice President 副主席 :

NGAN Man Lai, Emily 顔文麗

Secretary 秘書 :

HO Kwok Yan, Joseph 何國恩

Treasurer 財政 :

CHAN Kam Tong 陳金棠

ROC Chairperson 靶場主任委員會主席 :

HO Eddie 何應衡

Registrar 會員註冊主任 :

LAI Hing Wai, Freddy 黎慶偉

Corporate Member Representative 機構㑹員代表 :

CHU Lap Sing, Ryan 朱立成

Consultant 顧問 :

CHEUNG Pak Wan 張白雲

MAK Kam Sing, Simon 麥錦誠

NGAN Chun Nam, WIlky 顔振南

HON Sheung Chi, Kevin 韓尚智

七月 06

2016 HK Open 第一回比賽 – 公佈成績

2016 HK Open 第一回比賽成績經已確實,恭喜各位得獎射手。頒獎禮將於明年初週年晚會上舉行。

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