Becoming a HKPSA Member


HKPSA offers two types of Membership:

  • Full Membership
  • Associate Membership

Full Membership

Full Membership is for shooters who wish to compete in IPSC-sanctioned events using real firearms, both in Hong Kong and overseas. In order to become a Full Member, candidates must:

  • Possess a valid Hong Kong Identity Card
  • Be qualified to lawfully possess firearms in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong
  • Be a member of a shooting club in Hong Kong recognised by the HKPSA
  • Be recommended by a Referee from your shooting club
  • Have a primary residence in Hong Kong
  • Pass the HKPSA’s written and practical firearms competency test

If you would like to join HKPSA as  a  Full Member, please complete this Application Form.

Membership Fee

New Member:                           HK$ 1000* (inclusive of examination fee)
Membership Renewal:            HK$ 400/year^

*Payment is non-refundable if the applicant fails to meet any of the above requirements, or fails to pass the written and/or practical test.
^Membership period is from 1st January to 31st December each year. A new application is required if membership has not been renewed for 2 consecutive years.

<Photo Credit Lucien Chan, HKSportsFinder, Gozar Images

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is for shooters who wish to participate in IPSC-sanctioned Action Air IPSC competitions, both in Hong Kong and overseas.  Action Air IPSC is overseen by HKPSA’s subsidiary, Hong Kong Airsoft Practical Shooting Confederation (HKAPSC).

Associate Membership Fee

New Member:                           HK$ 250
Membership Renewal:            HK$ 100/year

For more information on Associate Membership, please contact HKAPSC.